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Wagg dog treats…as tested by blue

We were sent some dog treats from the lovely people at wagg for Blue to test!

Blue is a 9 year old greyhound who spends most of his time asleep or being harassed by chickens.

Being an old racing greyhound with not exactly brilliant teeth he doesn’t know what to do with the hide type chews 
So these little treats looked perfect.

We taught him to give a paw last year for bits of cheese and he’s very keen to show his paws for a treat 

He really enjoyed these little treats, they don’t upset his tummy or give him bad wind….which is brilliant!

And he gets to upstage the chickens for a change 🙂



Can I eat the pack?

All in all I think its fairly plain to see Blue loved the treats. 🙂

Wagg dog treats


Easy Hobbles for chicks with splay legs

First you need some vet wrap, one roll is around £3.50. (you don’t *have* to choose pink)

You need to cut a thin strip along the width

I have substituted pens for chick legs in the absence of tiny chicks….

Wrap one end of vet wrap around chicks leg and press into the middle then repeat on opposite side, it doesn’t need to be tight around the leg just secure to stop legs splaying..

And there you have hobbles!
The vet wrap ones don’t stick to the chick like plasters, they don’t impede walking, eating & drinking like plasters either. Easily adjusted multiple times as will always stick to itself. So 3 or 4 days in vet wrap hobbles and hips are usually sorted! You just unpeel the wrap away from itself when finished.

2010 chick pics

(c) Victoria nightingale