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Hatching update

So I candled on the 14th and only 12 were fertile eggs. I removed the dud ones and will now leave the eggs to do their ‘thing’! Only 11 days to go!!


Incubator is up and running….

Rcom 20 incubator

I started running my incubator yesterday to make sure all was well with it, it’s currently situated in the attic as that has a stable temperature and I can brood them up there too.
This will be my second hatch with the Rcom. I used the universal tray that came with it last time (sort of adjustable columns to pop eggs in )and I’m not convinced it turned all of the 12 eggs particularly well. With that in mind I invested in the 20 egg tray which has a cut out for each egg evenly spaced and I’m hoping this will do the job a lot better.
I like the fact that this incubator is fairly simple to use it needs minimal fiddling with. Aside from candling eggs at day 6 and 14 all you really need to do is you fill the reservoir and check it’s topped up every 3 days, set the humidity (45) and temp (37.5), set the ‘turning’ to ‘on’ and you are good to go!
18 days later up the humidity to 65 and set ‘turning’ to ‘off’ then wait for the baby chicks to hatch 🙂
The eggs above are from my pekins 5 from flower x Alice and 2 are frizz x Alice. Tomorrow I shall pop some more eggs in from the lovely Andy at Chickenstreet
I shall post candling results hopefully with pictures if embryo’s are clear enough to see.
Fingers crossed for a happy hatch 🙂