My life… with a few chickens thrown in for good measure


Meet Blue.
We got Blue from the Brighton retired greyhound trust in June 2006. His racing name is effingham blue & he was born on the 13 august 2001

We needed a dog…I had actually made an appointment to meet a different dog after looking on the BRGT website but they gave us a time to come up and said bring the boys too so off to the kennels with t in his wheelchair we went and were taken to meet the hounds!
We soon found out that the one we were thinking of was very cute but way too bouncy and not good with the wheelchair.
One of the kennel hands recommended blue, I fell in love when I first saw him, a small blue boy with snowflake markings who obviously liked peace & quiet. He came for a walk with us & although a bit shy, he was really good with t. He was very unsure of the wheelchair but at least he didn’t go bonkers at the sight of it!
Blue had been a very good open racer, winning a lot of his races but was retired due to injury.
Blue was reserved pending a home visit by Jenny, the trustee. Jenny came out & made sure we had a nice safe environment with a well fenced off garden & then we were clear to arrange an adoption date & make the discretionary donation. I made a donation of £100 as I wasn’t sure what was reasonable but thought it would be enough to enable the BRGT to continue their good work.
So, 5 years on and my beautiful blue boy is 10! Still gorgeous but now has man boobs.
He met a young greyhound girl in the park recently and she brought his ‘puppyness’ out!
We decided to get him a girlfriend and you’ll meet her properly in the next post











He even likes chickens!


Comments on: "Me & my greyhounds: meet Blue" (1)

  1. He looks gorgeous, although a bit of an evil eye in that second pic. 🙂

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