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Hatching update

So I candled on the 14th and only 12 were fertile eggs. I removed the dud ones and will now leave the eggs to do their ‘thing’! Only 11 days to go!!


The chicken thing…

Some people don’t ‘get’ it…Most people like the chickens, chooks have their own little quirks and are amusing to watch. Some people like to ‘joke’ about killing and eating them. Can’t say I find it funny or ever will. But thankfully those are in the minority or at least know when to stop.
My chickens regularly wander into the house. Flower mooches in and makes her way upstairs to thomas’s room where she will perch and watch tv with him.

I’ve always wanted chickens, ever since we bought this house & hubs always said no. I think he only gave in after the devastating time we had with Dad being taken gravely Ill.
(To cut a long story short Dad was brought back from the brink by amazing itu staff moved to general ward then suffered a catastrophic brain haemorrhage because of incompetent nursing staff. I nursed him round the clock supported by my sisters the following few days til he died. We then had to wade through a year of pre inquests & endure his inquest by jury)
So I’d had a pretty pants year and because of that I was allowed some chickens. I got two ex batts. Posh & pecks. Love the way they are so inquisitive and do things like jump up and run off with my sandwich.
They also very quickly told the greyhound who’s boss 🙂

yep, that would be the dogs food

next the hub bought me 2 pekins, flower & Dave.

Then I got 3 bantam Plymouth rocks.

I hatched tikka and nugget from my own stock. Then hatched frizz a mottled pekin.

I bought a box of pekin cockerels (they were supposed to be girls) from ardingly, frizzles noodles, Alice and two smooth reds.

Next hatch was pekins spot and Sally.

A few weeks after them I upgraded the incubator and I hatched Dobby a bantam orp & pekins Hattie,jelly,tallulah & moony.

I was also given two pretty little lemon pyle brahma girls

There have been downsides, Dave & 2 of the rocks died 😦
And some of the others went to fab homes.

I currently I have 10 hens and 3 doodlers can never get them all in 1 pic together…

Thats todays gratuitous chicken blog mainly just to say there is more to chickens than eggs, KFC, yorkshire puddings and gravy! they make fab pets and are great little characters to have bimbling around the garden (or the living room)

DISCLAIMER: having got them a new massive shed I can AND will do one more hatch 🙂

Mid February…

it’s been a busy week. Hub now working on a site in town, so thats good.
H’s eye is healing after the ‘stitches poking thru his eyeball’ episode.
Thomas has dates for his knee operations and we are all set for that now with hotel and trains booked.
Chickens new mahoosive shed arrived and is nearly all put together (still needs to be felted and glazed)
Noodles the over frizzled doodler has had a rough few days. His flirting with the girls has earnt him a bit of a beating from Alice the dominant cockerel but I think noodles’ll learn to leave the girls be.
He slept indoors last night and was quite gobby this morning…

oh and one final piece of advice, dont leave the dishwasher door open. found a chicken in mine picking out bits of sweetcorn…

Wagg dog treats…as tested by blue

We were sent some dog treats from the lovely people at wagg for Blue to test!

Blue is a 9 year old greyhound who spends most of his time asleep or being harassed by chickens.

Being an old racing greyhound with not exactly brilliant teeth he doesn’t know what to do with the hide type chews 
So these little treats looked perfect.

We taught him to give a paw last year for bits of cheese and he’s very keen to show his paws for a treat 

He really enjoyed these little treats, they don’t upset his tummy or give him bad wind….which is brilliant!

And he gets to upstage the chickens for a change 🙂



Can I eat the pack?

All in all I think its fairly plain to see Blue loved the treats. 🙂

Wagg dog treats


It’s been almost a month since I updated and i’ve been meaning to but not had time til now so I thought I should write something!
Busy month again re Dad’s stuff and hospital appt’s with T. Nuff about that though it’s boring!
Christmas Shopping/presents went well. Children were delighted with their ipod nano’s, itunes cards and audiobooks/music etc.
T has bought comedy dvd’s with his christmas money, the entire set of red dwarf, bottom, and now he has the fawlty towers dvd’s, john cleese makes him laugh til he can barely breath so not sure how wise that is…
H bought half of waterstones with his christmas/birthday money. His new years resolution is to read 9 books a month and get 4 books for reward. If he reads ten he gets 5.
I’m loving his book choices too, Stig of the dump, of mice and men, the silver sword, the hobbit, lord of the flies… the list goes on and it’s positively yummy, if you can call a book list yummy. However, this particular child gets excited when he gets a new book, sniffs it and exclaims “mmmmm I love that new book smell…” so I guess it could be yummy! I still think Robert Rankin’s ‘ the hollow chocolate bunnies of the apocalypse’ will go straight over his head but hey ho, Bloody fantastically funny and entertaining nevertheless..

(c) victoria nightingale

This brings me on to Lush, well the ‘fantastic’ bit does. Had a plethora of lush goodies for christmas, My house smells like a lush shop and my snow fairy perfume makes me smell like candy floss and jelly beans. superb! A bit miffed that the order I placed on the 31/12 hasn’t materialised yet (with my freebies) but I guess that has a lot to do with the snow.

Which brings me on to chickens! who really aren’t keen on the white stuff! Although they must be happyish cos they are still laying and still jump on me when I go to let them out/feed/water/demuck them in the morning, I think they’re hoping I might magically sprinkle mealworms at them (cos sometimes I do which is probably why all 7 of them jump all over me). Quails have been moved to a cosy corner in the shed because it’s too cold for them outside, mainly because they are stupid and just stand in the cold rather than getting in the warm nest boxes. cute but not clever.

Bit like the dog, who is loving the snow!! haven’t managed to get a decent pic of him yet. I think we need a bit more snow ;o)

some pooch pics

just because…

blue at sea side (had to carry him over shingle...)

blue being all girly



blue being a tart

big nose!!

Busy week.

yuk! this weather is truly foul!
I’ve barely had any sleep because the gusts and gales are sweeping noisily down my chimney, makes the bedroom cold too.The sound of wheely bins whizzing up the road propelled by the gales doesn’t help either.  Also swear the roof tiles are on the move but hey, could be worse, would hate to be flooded.

So what Have I been up to….we’ve had a fairly busy week.

Chickens are not loving this foul weather, I gave them a treat of corn on the cob, spring greens and some porridge oats yesterday and that perked them up a bit.

The dog spent the week sleeping. He’s keeping a low profile hoping he doesn’t get chucked out in the rain for a pee. It’s a greyhound thing.

T is still recovering from his operation last month. He went back to school for one day last week, they didn’t follow my instructions re putting him in a bean bag and that aggravated his wound site. masses of bruising and pain followed so he had rest of week off and today we try again. Not holding out much hope though….

H isn’t my favourite little chap at the moment, I think his hormones are starting to kick in, he’s starting to be lippy, stroppy and moody with a ‘so what?’ attitude. He’s ‘forgotten’ to go to his guitar lessons twice now, so that’s £14 an hour down the drain. Which brings me on to the highlight of the week! He put his trousers containing his 2 month old phone in the washing machine. After a 2 hour wash at 40 degrees and a 1400 rpm spin cycle, needless to say it’s now dead. I point this out and get a reaction half cross, squealed/shouted ‘ god!, mum! “everyone” makes mistakes why are you picking on me?’ … yes but ”everyone” didn’t put their phone in the wash H, YOU did!

I’ve bought him an iPod nano for Xmas what’s the betting that ends up with the same fate as the phone?

grumpy pair

h and blue dog