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Inquest into my Fathers Death.

The Inquest was fair, full and fearless. The jury did an excellent job of taking the evidence into consideration and reaching a verdict.

There will be a Rule 43 ‘coroners recommendation’ made, which has a national impact and details on that will be available later.

The verdict was Accidental death with Narrative.

Basically this said his cause of death was subdural and intracerebral haemorrhage resulting from the fall which occurred due to the bed being raised, the cot side being left down and no call bell being within reach.

We are happy with this verdict

My sisters and I issue the following statement.

The standard of care throughout our fathers stay on baily ward, at the Royal Sussex County Hospital was Abysmal.

There was a complete lack of dignity and respect for our father. There were also major failings in communication and a total disregard for any of our concerns.

Our Father was placed in a dangerous situation in an isolate room with no nurse call bell and therefore no way of attracting help. It was an accident waiting to happen.

His bed was elevated and the cot side left down in error despite evident ‘risk of falls’ wrist band. He fell out of bed sustaining a broken neck and fatal head injury.

The catalogue of errors immediately following his fall included appalling management, lack of basic training, miscommunication, flawed decisions and a failure of appropriate prioritisation when it was clear our father was gravely ill.

The recommendations from the coroner as a result of the inquest will hopefully prevent a repetition of the issues our family have experienced. No one should ever be subjected to such diabolical treatment and care in any hospital.

BBC South news coverage on Dad’s inquest can be found on the link below approx 3:34 mins into the programme.×9&bgc=C0C0C0&nbram=1&bbram=1&nbwm=1&bbwm=1