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Sainsbury’s, taste the difference?

Sainsburys online. Convenient? Great service?

Ummm no not really!

I stopped using them earlier in the year because I’d order a weeks worth of food and it would turn up all set to go out of date by two days later. Ergo not lasting a week.

I don’t let them substitute after ridiculous substitutions (crumpets instead of fabric conditioner)

And to add to that half the time they can’t be bothered to go down certain aisles, I know this is true as I’ve overheard pickers instore discussing such things)

I had a delivery on the 18th and my Christmas slot booked for the 22nd (today) well on the 18th after my shopping had been delivered they text me
” you have multiple online grocery orders booked this week. Please cancel the slot you don’t need online or call 08003281700 to ensure you get the right delivery”

So…. They want me to cancel my Christmas slot? There are no other slots. Next i am on hold on my mobile for over 30mins its not a freephone number. I tweeted and got told to hold and they’ll answer eventually.


lots of trying to get that sorted and eventually got given an email address. I emailed them headed URGENT and got a reply 3 days later followed by an apology and it’s still unknown why they sent the text.

Next, my Xmas delivery arrives this morning devoid of meat products but does have short shelf life products. Lucky me.


I dispatched the husband to sainsburys, where our delivery comes from an hour or so after. He takes pictures in the fresh meat aisle. It’s full.

I complained to @sainsburys on twitter but they want me to play the hanging on the phone game again. Told them to email me. They won’t.

Basically todays delivery was a waste of time because we had to go to the same store on the same day and get our ‘missing’ stuff by ourselves.

Hubs complained instore, but guess what? they don’t give a toss.

Sainsburys have left a bad taste in my mouth. I’m off to ocado.

UPDATE: I emailed my complaint to Sainsburys on 22nd & they got back to me today.

“I know that this must have left you with a poor impression of us, especially as you rely on our online service to due to your personal circumstances. I would like to assure you that this is not typical of our normal high standard of service.”

They also sent £20 e-voucher to spend on Thomas.

To be honest I just wanted the shopping I ordered, delivered. Not too much to ask really is it?