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Mid February…

it’s been a busy week. Hub now working on a site in town, so thats good.
H’s eye is healing after the ‘stitches poking thru his eyeball’ episode.
Thomas has dates for his knee operations and we are all set for that now with hotel and trains booked.
Chickens new mahoosive shed arrived and is nearly all put together (still needs to be felted and glazed)
Noodles the over frizzled doodler has had a rough few days. His flirting with the girls has earnt him a bit of a beating from Alice the dominant cockerel but I think noodles’ll learn to leave the girls be.
He slept indoors last night and was quite gobby this morning…

oh and one final piece of advice, dont leave the dishwasher door open. found a chicken in mine picking out bits of sweetcorn…