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Not in my cuppa


I love going for a drive into the countryside with my children, watching the sheep graze and cows happily loafing about in fields. We don’t see many fields of chickens sadly, mainly due to most chickens being commercially kept in barns & battery conditions. To the majority of us, the practice of battery farming chickens is abhorrent but what if this became the case with cows?

The possibility of mega dairies getting the go ahead here is a scary prospect. I don’t want that, I don’t want milk in my tea that has come from ‘battery’ cows.

I want to see cows in fields doing what cows do best, roaming the countryside with the chance to feel the wind rustle against their faces, warm sunshine on their backs and rain against their skins

Imagine fields without cows …. instead there are factories full of cows. Cows with no access to grass, no exercise, no sunlight.

Would you drink factory milk from ‘battery’ cows?
Would you even know the milk in your cuppa is from ‘battery’ cows?

We need to stop mega dairies from becoming a reality. Join Molly the cow to stop mega dairies


Factory milk with that? Not in my cuppa!

If like me, you think cows belong in fields not factories visit