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Patient Safety meeting

Yesterday was a bit of a stressy day to do with the aftermath of my poor Dad’s death and ensuring there is never a repeat. I still can’t go into too much detail because as I’ve said before, there is an Inquest pending.

Anyway, my sisters and I had a meeting with the ex deputy chief medical officer regarding an update to our first meeting where we outlined our concerns and these concerns were taken on board.
This meeting looked at the implementation of the new patient safety guidelines drawn up after our first meeting, covering a variety of bases. We also had a discussion surrounding the use of NICE guidelines and whether they should be formally challenged so that they are applied on an individual patient presentation led basis and not just as a money-saving tool, which is the primary purpose currently. This is currently being investigated.
Overall the meeting went well and I do feel progress is being made, we are scheduled another meeting just before Christmas.

All this stuff always make me sad though, it hurts to think about dad, about the way he died, about the circumstances that led up to his death and obviously because he should still be here.

After the meeting we went to visit the tree on the edge of the wood where we sprinkled dad’s ashes back in May.

Anyone ever done this? there’s no sprinkling of ashes that gently whisp off and curl in the breeze to be carried off forever… no, you open the pot, gently tip and it all goes ‘ thunk’ to the ground and resembles cat litter. Not what we were expecting I assure you. Although all three of us instantly looked at each other and laughed, hard.
I’ve been to dad’s tree three times now since we sprinkled him in May.  Dad is still there, in a little mound. He likes it so much there he’s staying put.

Sweet dreams Dad x